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If you use this software release in your own work, please cite it with the following DOI:

Please reference LipidXplorer in general by citing the following publications:
Herzog R, Schuhmann K, Schwudke D, Sampaio JL, Bornstein SR, Schroeder M, et al. (2012) LipidXplorer: A Software for Consensual Cross-Platform Lipidomics. PLoS ONE 7(1): e29851.
Herzog R, Schwudke D, Schuhmann K, Sampaio JL, Bornstein SR, Schroeder M, Shevchenko A (2011) A novel informatics concept for high-throughput shotgun lipidomics based on the molecular fragmentation query language. Genome Biol. 2011;12(1):R8.

Additionally, if you are using a particular version of LipidXplorer, from version 1.2.8 onwards, each release has a citable DOI for LipidXplorer@Zenodo.

Release Note: LipidXplorer, December 11thth, 2019

Bugfix Release

Fadi Al Machot, Nils Hoffmann, Jacobo Miranda Ackerman and Dominik Schwudke


This release fixes issue #25, which prevented users from adding or deleting custom configurations in the import settings dialog. It also adds logging output to the console window concerning the effective time range used for scan filtering.


LipidXplorer for Windows  LipidXplorer benchmark data

Installation instructions and Tutorials for LipidXplorer are available here.

Further information can be found in the notes on Release of LipidXplorer 1.2.8.

Detailed Changelog

Bug Fixes

- The 'Save as..' and 'Delete' buttons to save or delete a custom configuration section were not working after an update of the wxWidgets UI library. This has been fixed.

- In order to better monitor issue #23 debug output was added to the console, stating the resolved time range used for selecting scans in seconds and minutes. This should help in clarifying any scan time related issues.


The current maintainers, developers and contributors for LX would like to thank Ronny Herzog – initial author of the software for his continued support.


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