• LipidXplorer v1.2.8.1

    LipidXplorer is a software that supports a variety of untargeted shotgun lipidomics experiments. It uses user-defined MFQL rules to identify and quantify lipids. It is designed to support bottom-up and top-down shotgun experiments on all types of tandem MS platforms.

  • Goslin Webapp v1.1.2

    Reference implementation for the Grammar of succint lipid nomenclature (GOSLIN). Goslin defines multiple grammars compatible with ANTLRv4 for different sources of shorthand lipid nomenclature to generate parsers for lipid name parsing and validation.

  • LipidCreator v1.1.0.747

    LipidCreator is a powerful kick-off tool for targeted lipidomics and an external tool for Skyline. It provides convenient methods to generate transition lists for labeled and unlabeled lipids. LipidCreator can also run in stand-alone mode for integration with other workflows.

  • LUX Score v1.0.1

    LUX score is the first metric for comparing lipidomes. It provides a measure of homology between lipidomes similar to genetic analyses (Marella et al. 2015, PLOS Comp. Biol) based on structural similarities between SMILES and visualizes the results.

  • mzTab Validator v1.0.26

    Reference validator for mzTab 2.0 for metabolomics. mzTab-M 2.0 is a data exchange format for mass-spectrometry-based experimental data from the "omics" and neighboring sciences, focusing on small molecules like metabolites and lipids.

  • LIFS Web Apps v1.1.28

    We provide most of our tools as web-applications additionally to the stand-alone versions. Please click below to go the web application portal to see the available tools. Please note that you may need to contact us to receive a user-account for some of the applications.

  • SpeCS v0.7.0

    The spectral comparison score (SCS) algorithm provides a well-defined quality control approach for PRM based quantitation of lipid mediators. The score is based on the correlation between structural similarity and MS/MS fragmentation profile.