The Research Center Borstel - Leibniz Lung Center is looking for a

Research Group Leader Bacterial Structures and Metabolites

Your duties:

Your research will be located at the interface of analytical chemistry and microbiology, centered around the identification of microbial metabolites that aggravate disease or act protective thereof and which are involved in chronic lung diseases, specifically in asthma. This involves not only the description of such metabolites, but also their identification and isolation for potential transfer into clinical phase-I studies. Therefor, the application of innovative analytical methods for detection and discovery of novel bioactive compounds and their characterization is of crucial importance. The latter will be conducted in close collaboration with other working groups at FZB,  specifically with the experimental microbiome research and bioanalytical chemistry groups. Your duties also include teaching and training in the sketched subject area. Additional interdisciplinary cooperations should be established with national and international partners, specifically with the German Centers for Lung Research (DZL) and Infection Research (DZIF).

Your qualifications:

  • PhD in the life sciences
  • Achievements equivalent to a qualification
    to teach at professorial level ("Habilitationsäquivalente Leistungen")
  • Practical & Working expertise in microbiology and analytical chemistry
  • Mangement experience (own research group)

Please find the complete announcement here (click on Forschungsgruppenleiter*in (w/m/d), in German).


The deadline for applications is November 21st, 2020.

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