Release 1.0.5 of the jmzTab-m library was published to Maven Central

This is release 1.0.5 of the jmztab-m libraries that was published to Maven Central.

Please find the full release notes at

jmzTab-M is the Java reference implementation to read, write and validate the mzTab-m 2.0 specification for metabolomics.

This release comes with an updated Maven site and JavaDoc and fixes issue #26.

Release 1.0.5 should be backwards compatible to 1.0.4, 1.0.3 and 1.0.2.

However, due to a stricter validation of the ms scan id referencing, files that have validated before may now fail to validate. Please contact us if you need help fixing your files.

This release also includes any amendments that were made as a result of the publication reviewers' feedback and the feedback from the PSI document review process. We have substantially updated the API documentation and have added examples from the specification document and have increased the unit test coverage.

This release is also available from Bioconda and the CLI is available as a Docker container.

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