Goslin is the Grammar on succinct lipid nomenclature.

Goslin defines multiple grammers compatible with ANTLRv4 for different sources of shorthand lipid nomenclature. This allows to generate parsers based on the defined grammars, which provide immediate feedback whether a processed lipid shorthand notation string is compliant with a particular grammar, or not.

We provide language specific implementations in C++, R, Python and Java to support the following general tasks:

  1. Facilitate the parsing of shorthand lipid names dialects.

  2. Provide a structural representation of the shorthand lipid after parsing.

  3. Use the structural representation to generate normalized names.


An overview and introduction to the different Goslin applications and implementations is available at GitHub.

The interactive Goslin web-application is available here.

Direct links to the related projects can be found below.

Overview of Goslin and Tutorials


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